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Commercial Architects Melbourne

As Melbourne’s leading commercial architects, CKA Group do much more than simply prepare designs and specifications for commercial and large-scale residential projects. We have an ongoing commitment to excellence in design that has been demonstrated throughout our commercial portfolio.

If you are looking for exceptional designs, we have the capacity to create a building that is highly functional and efficient while being seen as an architectural sculpture. At all times, we will work closely with you to ensure our design concepts will closely match and often exceed your expectations.

Every project is an opportunity for us. We take a customer-centric approach to craft each design carefully. It allows us to maximise the use of your space and give an aesthetic appeal to your commercial property. We focus on the interior design and architecture of your commercial building to enhance your living standard. In addition, we also guide our customers with a DIY home inspection checklist.

We know buying a new home is a huge investment. Hence, we want you to check whether everything is working correctly before accepting the offer. It will enable you to check all items and make a list of those you want to repair, replace, or change. It doesn’t mean that we will not check them, but we want you to ensure that everything in your potential new home satisfies your specifications and expectation.

Highly Functional Modern Designs

Although we have undertaken design work for multiple overseas projects as commercial architects, Melbourne remains our headquarters. We recognise there is great opportunity to utilise the skills and capabilities of our team to contribute further excellence in design to our city.

Whether you have a residential development, or you are seeking to develop a new manufacturing, showroom, or administration facility, we have the expertise and flexibility to provide you with a stylish and highly functional design.

As part of our interior design work, we strive to improve the appearance of the building, while our design team will use the very latest in furnishings, partitioning, and lighting systems to provide you with the most effective use of your space.

Throughout our commercial work, we have been involved in development planning for substantial projects. Our focus is on utilising our skills and knowledge on the creative development of innovative site-specific solutions.

Seamless Service

Seamless service and agility for your needs are our primary strengths. We are known for our responsiveness to your ever-evolving taste. We use up-to-date technology to produce the best designs possible for all commercial projects.

You can visualise the design and concept we develop as an end product for your project. Our innovative approach and expertise allow us to push all the boundaries of architectural concepts and design to deliver a cost-effective service that adds a wow factor to your space.

We are experts in producing both classic and contemporary designs to suit all tastes and styles. However, we never forget to focus on definitive architectural principles of light, space, and proportion. It is reflected in our elegant, unique, and refined space solutions that cater to the needs of various commercial establishments.

Whether it’s an interior design for your commercial project or aged care retirement living, you can count on us for all kinds of designing and architectural solutions. Moreover, if you are planning for new aged care facilities or want to extend an existing one, you can refer to our updated aged care cost indicator for a better idea on a basic plan and the cost involved.

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Take advantage of our high calibre design capabilities to assist you in achieving an excellent outcome for your project. Contact us today by calling (03) 8658 4000 to find out more Robert Caulfield and how we can provide the high-quality architectural design services you need.