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For over 40 years Caulfield Krivanek Architecture has built a strong reputation for designing homes of distinction within Melbourne’s inner eastern suburbs. We find the balance between individuality, functionality and beauty whilst capitalising on space to create a versatile and enduring home.

A Custom & Collaborative Approach

At Caulfield Krivanek Architecture, we collaborate with our clients to achieve cohesion and harmony while designing a home that will accommodate your lifestyle for years to come.

We create custom-built homes that are tailored to your specific needs and aspirations. If you’re in need of a new home design or a luxury architectural practice, choose Caulfield Krivanek Architecture today.

Designed To Succeed

We believe in “design success”, a way of delivering a home that meets our client’s brief, budget and expectations. Our team of architects, interior designers and drafting specialists work together to design residences that are not only a pleasure to live in but take the client on a happy journey from conception to completion.

Diverse And Driven

Our extensive project list shows our experience across a wide range of residential and commercial properties here in Australia, and internationally. From residential architecture to international buildings we have a diverse portfolio.

Working across a broad range of properties in local and international markets gives the team at Caulfield Krivanek Architecture a unique perspective to build your property in Hawthorn.

Passion For Innovation

Our commitment to understanding the designs of tomorrow and the classic styles of yesterday is what separates us from other architectural practices. While we look to new designs for innovation, we also reflect on past styles that have influenced us previously.

This, in turn, fuels us to create new opportunities by blending modern technologies and classic styles. Together with the latest technologies and practices, we can create timeless designs that captivate.

One Call For A Lifetime Of Luxury

We don’t just design properties, we collaborate with our clients to deliver something that exceeds their expectations. It all starts with one call. Contact us today on (61) 3 8658 4000 or use our contact form to begin the conversation.

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