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With 3000+ registered projects, we're specialists in Aged Care & Retirement Living, Luxury Homes, Multi-residential Apartments, Commercial projects and large-scale Master Plans.


Full Service Studio

With in-house architects, interior designers and urban planners, CKA provides a complete end-to-end design service.


New Home & Luxury Architects Melbourne

CKA Group bring you the very best in architectural design. We are committed to achieving the highest standards in our work and constantly strive to exceed your expectations. Our portfolio confirms how we have demonstrated the quality and versatility of our work both in Australia and overseas.  In our work as leading luxury architects, Melbourne is an environment where we have successfully explored the introduction of innovative ideas while retaining functionality and style as fundamental elements of our exclusive designs. CKA Group will work closely with you throughout the whole design process to ensure we fully understand your requirements. We have the background, knowledge, and expertise to produce original architectural design work of the highest calibre. We are familiar with prestigious environments where exclusivity is part of the expected outcome.

New & Stylish Melbourne Homes

In undertaking our work as new home architects, Melbourne provides a variety of environments where we can explore the creation of stylish designs that seamlessly blend into a streetscape of beautiful heritage and modern contemporary homes. We have extensive experience working in highly sought-after locations. With the provision of our high-quality services as new home architects, Toorak residents have recognised the calibre of our design work.

With the ongoing enhancement of advanced design technology used by new home architects, Melbourne suburbs have started to see a rapid advance in quality developments. At CKA Group, in our role as luxury architects, Toorak has been an area where we have applied our creative capabilities as well as the practical expertise to achieve design outcomes that properly reflect the exclusivity of the environment.

Timeless Architectural Design Solutions

Melbourne is in a state of constant change and we enjoy applying our knowledge and expertise to achieve exceptional results for our clients. We understand the importance of innovation, functionality, and elegance. In our role as successful local new home architects, residents of Camberwell, Toorak, and elsewhere in Melbourne are looking to explore with us the introduction of advanced design concepts that offer a timelessness in style and quality. It is this capacity to develop design solutions specifically for their property that will enable them to stand out from the crowd.

We are often called on by those looking for design excellence. As luxury architects based in Camberwell, we know the area provides us with an environment where we can fully explore the introduction of advanced techniques and designs that create beautiful houses with highly attractive living spaces.

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