Our guides and checklists offer sound advice to help you plan for your next project.

DIY Home Improvement Guide

This guide for home owners contemplating home improvements, renovations and extensions, is a fantastic resource to help with planning and budgeting. Keep Reading

Home Renovation Cost Indicator Guide

The Renovation Cost Indicator Guide assists prospective home buyers, renovators and builders to understand the likely costs of their home improvements. Keep Reading 

Home Inspection Checklist

An invaluable guide to assist prospective home buyers, renovators and builders to inspect homes before purchasing. Read More

Caulfield Krivanek Architecture 10 Point Apartment Pre-sales Checklist

Over the last 2 decades, Australia has seen enormous growth in its urban populations, and this trend is expected to continue well into this century. With multi use apartment projects gaining favour in both inner city and suburban hubs, architect Robert Caulfield, provides this 10 point Apartment pre-sales checklist, to guide developers and sales teams towards a successful sales campaign.  Keep Reading

Aged Care Building Cost guide

This guide guide provides background information for managers of aged care facilities and retirement villages wanting basic planning advice for new facilities, and extensions to existing ones. Download


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