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In April 1978, Robert Caulfield and Ivo Krivanek started their architectural practice in the front room of Ivo's Hawthorn home. More than 40 years on, the founders of Caulfield Krivanek Architecture can reflect on an enduring and successful partnership that has seen them collaborate on over 3,000 projects both locally and overseas.
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All Over The World

As the driving force behind one of Australia's most enduring architectural practices, Robert and Ivo's broad portfolio extends to the international market. They have master planned cities for Chinese provincial governments and tycoons and designed commercial, government and apartment projects in Dubai, China, India, Vietnam, Azerbaijan, Belarus and the United States

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Robert Caulfield LFRAIA

Co-founder and Director

Robert leads his teams through projects in the residential, health & aged care and commercial arenas, both locally and internationally. Robert is known for having a strong commercial acumen, recognising that a project’s success depends not only on its design, but also on the viability of its delivery.

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Ivo Krivanek FRAIA

Co-founder and Director

Ivo is internationally recognised for his ability to combine creativity with function to produce beautiful designs. He is often in demand by other architectural design practices to assist with presentation direction. Ivo drives projects in Australia and overseas, particularly throughout Asia and the Middle East and is the design director of many of the luxury homes which the company designs.

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Laura Uberti RAIA

Architect and Associate Director

Whilst completing her Master of Architecture at Melbourne University, Laura took advantage of the graduate program offered by Robert and Ivo. Starting with CKA back in 2015, Laura has gone from strength to strength to become the youngest appointed Associate Director of the CKA Group. Her ability to translate client concepts into solid design solutions has produced many extraordinary outcomes.

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Vic Huang RAIA

Architect and Associate Director

A graduate of Melbourne University, Vic has been a crucial part of Robert and Ivo’s design team for almost 10 years. Vic’s connections with the Chinese community both here and overseas have led to collaborations that have extended the breadth of knowledge and services offered at CKA group.  He is also an expert on keeping the barkitects focused, mainly through bribery with pieces of his lunch.

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Song Yang RAIA


Originally from China, Song completed her Masters of Architecture at Curtin University and registered as an architect in 2018. She is proficient in producing high end renderings and has a great sense of style (I mean have you seen her shoes).

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Augustine Udeagha

Architectural Technician

Nigerian born Augustine now calls Australia home. He completed a Masters Degree with distinction and worked as a registered architect in Nigeria for 10 years. He ensures all projects at CKA are well documented, enabling smooth transition from design to build.  It is also impossible to take a bad photo of Augustine.  Trust us, we tried.

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Philip Morris

Architectural Technician

One of the newest members of the team Philip comes to us from literally just around the corner. With 30 years of experience working on similar projects he uses his advanced CAD expertise and wizardry to bring life to our residential and commercial projects.

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Harinat Siriwan

Interior Design

Harinat is invaluable in achieving the high end look CKA is known for. An internationally acclaimed interior designer with over 30 years experience, Harinat has worked on many different projects including homes for some of Melbourne’s most prominent families. Aside from his residential work he is highly expertised in designs for hotels, commercial and retail buildings and restaurants. When not in the office he will be off-piste in various countries with the Thailand Olympic Ski Team.

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Kaye Caulfield


Kaye has been an integral part of the company from day 1.  Working along side Robert and Ivo in all aspects of the business, she has been a wise sounding board and voice of reason.  Highly customer service focused she is most often the first face you will see upon entering the office.

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Roger Han

Director CK Designworks Asia

Roger leads the Shanghai team and uses his strong business acumen to bring in truly exceptional opportunities.

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Melissa Griffiths


Melissa brings to CKA a wealth of finance knowledge and ensures compliance and cashflow governance.  Melissa has been an integral part of the team for over 10 years.

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Keryn Stevenson

Accounts Manager

The newest member of the team Keryn joined us just in time to garner herself an invite to our awesome Christmas lunch.  As Accounts Manager she is the holder of all things sacred, the passwords to the office bank accounts.  She laughs.  A lot.  Its kind of infectious.  When she’s not in the office she enjoys cooking and pole dancing, although not at the same time (now THAT would be impressive).

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David Hallett

Special Project Co-ordinator

David uses his knowledge and skills to bring all types of opportunitites to the company. His position is highly secretive and involves many clandestine zoom conferences in the small meeting room. I think he may be a secret agent with the sole purpose of infiltrating the deep, dark corners of the architectural underworld. Having worked along side Robert for the better part of 20 years, maybe they are both spies…..

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Senior Barkitect

Willow joined the team in 2017 as a work experience pup. Known for her custom doghouse designs, her skills and creativity are in high demand. Customer service focused and with an eye for detail Willow has a strong work ethic, providing she is rewarded with belly rubs.

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Junior Barkitect

Fred became a member of the CKA team in 2020 when the demand for doghouses increased.  Working alongside Willow, his knowledge in all things demolition have helped the two become an unstoppable force.  Fred likes to attend staff meetings where he is silent, but deadly.