Over the last 2 decades, Australia has seen enormous growth in its urban populations, and this trend is expected to continue well into this century. With multi use apartment projects gaining favour in both inner city and suburban hubs, architect Robert Caulfield, of Caulfield Krivanek Architecture, provides this 10 point Apartment pre-sales checklist, to guide developers and sales teams towards a successful sales campaign. Caulfield Krivanek Architecture has undertaken the design of significant apartment projects in Melbourne, China, Dubai, Vietnam and Azerjaiban. If you would like to discuss any current or future project with us, please contact us on 03 8658 4000. 
[caption id="attachment_2869" align="alignright" width="200"]Istana Apartments, Melbourne Istana Apartments, Melbourne[/caption] To view or print this article in PDF, CLICK HERE Many apartment projects rely on pre-sales of up to 70% of a project's value to trigger the approval of finance from a funding institution to ensure the project proceeds. This can result in the expenditure of large sums of money on consultants' fees, legal costs and permit applications; a risky investment if pre-sales aren't achieved. The Istana apartments in A'Beckett Street, Melbourne are a typical case in point. This project comprises of 320 apartments, a multi-level car park, retail premises and penthouses. The construction value was approximately AUD$100 million and sales values of about AUD$190 million. The original client, Yucai Australia was keen to maximise their exposure and trigger their pre-sales quota as quickly as possible. The company purchased the site in February 2009, settled the purchase in July and by December had completed schematic drawings, obtained development approval and achieved 50% of their pre-sales quota. The key to this feat was teamwork involving close liaison between the client, Caulfield Krivanek Architecture, sub consultants and the sales team. The following document is our 10-point checklist for a successful pre-sales program.

On April Fool’s Day 1978, Robert Caulfield and Ivo Krivanek started their architectural practice in the front room of Ivo’s Hawthorn home. ‘We looked very professional,’ remarks Robert, ‘except if clients needed to use the bathroom, they stumbled across a normal, chaotic family home, beyond our office.’ Forty years on, the founders of Caulfield Krivanek Architecture, can reflect on an enduring and successful partnership, that has seen them collaborate on over 3000 projects both locally and overseas.  

Currently in conceptual stage, the Melbourne SkyLoop could transform the way Melbournians move around this wonderful city. Recently featured by Channel 9 6pm News, the project is gaining interest and momentum. If you have any thoughts or comments, please contact us.  Watch

Donwood Community Aged Care Services in Croydon is adding and refurbishing 35 rooms with substantial upgrades to provide a much needed boost to aged care facilities in the area which has a growing ageing population. When the project is completed in October 2017, Donwood will be one of the best equipped aged care facilities in Victoria and will have accommodation for 105 residents, all in the their own spacious rooms.