Architecture Revisited

Frank Gehry famously said “Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness”. With this in mind and the appeal of apartment living constantly increasing, we wanted to revisit a couple of apartment projects from the early 1990’s.  Are they going to need a bit of an update? Or, as we could only hope; are they going to still look good?

Enter our faithful photographer Nick Addison Photography.  With a brief that was somewhere along the lines of “just try and get a couple of decent photos”, Nick hit the streets armed with his trusty Nikon D850 and thirst for domination of the photography realm.  And then, we waited.

A couple of days later we received a preview of the images.  Preparing ourselves, the first image was opened and it was……… AMAZING!!!  Scrolling through the rest of the images left us stunned as they just got better and better.  These apartments make 30 look good. Nay, they make 30 look fantastic. When it comes to timeless, CKA have got this quality well and truly in the bag.


7436 683x1024 - Architecture Revisited

7432 1024x683 - Architecture Revisited

7424 1024x683 - Architecture Revisited

7460 683x1024 - Architecture Revisited


See the original project here


7443 1024x683 - Architecture Revisited

7422 683x1024 - Architecture Revisited

7444 copy 1024x683 - Architecture Revisited


See the original project here