Somers Holiday Residence, Australia

Location: Somers, Victoria, Australia

The clients required a beach house that displayed a connection to the land and topography.

Located on a steep cliff, the owners have 360 degree unrestricted views of Western Port Bay and its surrounds.

Only a small area of the site was suitable for construction. This happened to be at the very edge of the cliff, presenting a unique design challenge that required a considered engineering approach to ensure the house was adequately anchored to the bedrock.

The final design was a two-storey, C-shaped structure. The outer side provides a panoramic view of the sea and the inside embraces a swimming pool that echoes the setting.

Exposed brickwork on the lower floor lends from the beach upon which the building is connected. Timber that acquires a driftwood quality as it ages was selected for the upper storey.

Working with notable landscape architects, Tract Consultants, an elevated outcrop planted with indigenous vegetation was incorporated to provide a ‘green’ area that provides views over the top of the house and works with the topography.


Ivo Krivanek