Enscape 2024 04 03 11 53 06 - Renovation Checklist

If you want to start a renovation on your house but feel overwhelmed, follow this renovation checklist to ensure that you’re covering all your bases for a successful renovation.

Get inspiration
Create mood boards or start collecting images that you feel inspired by. You can use websites like Pinterest or Instagram or make a paper mood board by collecting images from magazines or printing them off from the internet.

Start thinking about what you want.
Figure out precisely what you want to do for your renovation. Are you adding style? Functionality? Do you want to make structural changes to your home, or will the upgrades be mainly cosmetic? Try to decide on as many details as you can before you even start the process. Changing your mind about finishes or materials can be very costly down the line. If you’re renovating the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom, also consider where you will eat, bathe, or sleep during this time.

Find out if you need council approval.
Contact your local council to see whether your plans will need approval before the work even commences.

Start getting quotes
Now that you have your plan in place and know what you want start calling around for quotes so you have a good idea of your costs.

Set your budget
Using the quotes from the previous step in conjunction with our Renovation Cost Guide, determine how much you think your renovation will cost. Tip: add a 10-15% buffer into your budget to account for any surprise expenses.

Find an architect and builder.
Search around for prospective architects to find one that best suits your design ideas and style. CKA group are one of the leading residential renovation architects in Melbourne, and we would love to work with you to make your renovation ideas come to life. Your architect may already have working relationships with a few builders, or you can ask around your family and friends to get recommendations.

Plan in detail
With your budget set and your architect and builder appointed, now is the time to finalise renovation timelines and choose your fixtures and materials. Try to be as detailed as possible throughout all aspects of the planning, as this will save you the headache later.

Now that you’ve got everything planned out, it’s time to begin the renovations! Keep a close eye on your plan and timeline throughout your renovation to follow the progress and ensure you are keeping to schedule.