Aged Care Architects Melbourne

At CKA Group, we recognise that aged care facilities should not only be practical, secure, safe, and functional, but they should offer world-class design as well. As professional aged care architects, we strive to design accommodation that will provide a welcoming and sophisticated environment, with beautifully landscaped gardens and stylish facilities. We are committed to ensuring that our clients are fully satisfied with the style and quality we bring to our designs, and our ability to meet residential and facility needs.

As leading aged care architects based in Melbourne, we have been able to apply our architectural and design expertise developed both locally and internationally. We designed the first five-star aged care facility in Australia and we have continually demonstrated our versatility and adaptability to produce high-quality designs for a range of residential care environments.

Exceptional Aged Care Facilities For Your Residents

CKA Group are constantly striving to develop high-quality aged care facilities that will cater to the varying needs of residents. If you want to give your residents an independent, secure, and luxurious lifestyle, in a facility that recognises the differing accommodation, living, and care needs of its residents, then we are the aged care architects you require.

As specialist aged care architects, we also understand the value of ensuring that a mature-aged living complex with superior facilities and well-designed communal areas that facilitate interaction between residents and is a perfect place for a variety of activities to take place.

CKA Group recognise that excellent results are achieved through the careful mingling of advanced design and well-planned landscaping, offering ease of access for the community, as well as tranquil spaces for residents to relax.

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