Donwood Aged Care, Melbourne

Location: Croydon, Melbourne, Australia

This state of the art aged-care facility offers residents pleasant and light filled spaces, in which to move freely and easily. With accommodation for over 150 residents, including the addition of 15 new beds, the design and layout of the building includes special use of colour and texture, to reinforce safety and stimulate the senses.

Incorporating residents facilities such as an open and inviting dining room, and a number of communal spaces including a bar and sundeck, as well as a cafe and multi purpose function room, the renovation and extension delivers on providing comfortable and well appointed accommodation, combined with public spaces that encourage socialisation and relaxation.

Further to this, a new reception area and administration facilities, add to the functionality of the building, providing practicality for staff and visitors.

Donwood Community Aged Care Services Board Member, John Grace has recently made the following comments about the project, and the team at Caulfield Krivanek Architecture,

“Donwood Community Aged Care Services in Croydon has recently completed a $12m construction of new residential aged care facilities and extensive refurbishment of its older facilities. Robert Caulfield was the guiding light in this project. The Donwood Board, and its staff and residents, are very appreciative of their efforts and those of the builders, SJ Higgins, and their contractors and  consultants, for bringing to completion this very fine addition to the Donwood building stock. It takes us to the next level of comfort and amenity for our residents and provides a sound basis for the future of Donwood.”


Robert Caulfield