the conversation who - Who has the most influence on purchasing a home?


Do men or women have more of a say when it comes to purchasing property?

When asked “Who do you think has the most say in purchasing a property?” 300 participants in the Archicentre 2010 Consumer Sentiment Snap Poll indicated 60% of decisions were made jointly, 32% were made by women and just 8% were made by men.

Six years on, Archicentre has released the same poll asking identical question to test if the situation has changed.

In the 2010 Archicentre Consumer Sentiment Poll participants commented on which room has the most influence on the decision to purchase, and living areas attracted 51% of the vote, the kitchen 41% with the bathroom at just 4.5% and the bedroom being the lowest at 2.3%.

90% of people in the survey voted private sale as their preferred method of purchase with just 10% opting for an auction.

In the past six years with a property surge in apartments, especially in capital cities and suburbs, combined with the trend for young single people to purchase property, we are considering other factors that may change the outcome of the poll.

Originally published 21 April 2016 in The Real Estate Conversation